was founded by a group of experienced professional in IT and Banking Industry. Supported by highly experienced, international certified and proven track record professionals with up to 17 Years in Software Development and up to 11 Years in Banking Industry.

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Indonesia’s Top 10 Banks (based on Assets)


The Largest Bank in South East Asia


Indonesia’s Largest Automotive Financing Company


150 Years Old Bank in Indonesia


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Meet Our Management Team


Sofianto Wilinda


Johan Peterson


Albertus Istanto

Chief Business & People Officer (CBPO)

Hendra Muriawan

Chief Solution Delivery 1 Officer (CCSD1)

Hendra Yang

Chief Consultant & Solution Delivery 2 Officer (CCSD2)

Indra Buana

Chief R&D Officer


To be one of the best managed IT company in the Indonesia and providing the best value to our stakeholders


  • To produce high-quality, easy to use products that incorporate high technology.
  • To provide innovative technologies, solutions and services that simplify business.
  • Maintaining the continuity of business growth and development of sustainable recurring income

9 Things we value, we call them

Nawa Dharma

We also have another business line in IT education

Coding.Id is a Technology specialist education program that prepares Tech Talent with excellent hard skills and soft skills, Therefore they are ready to work professionaly

A technology company that provides you A technology company that provides you simple solutions with regard to your needs for Tech Talents. We believe Indonesia's talent has a big potential in the future tech market. But we know that developing, managing and finding the best tech talent could be tricky as well. Dwidata hears and shares your concerns. We provide the best and most efficient tech talents, to satisfy your needs.