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Antasena is an integrated regulatory reporting application for Bank Indonesia that consists of reports originally labelled LBU report, LBUS report, LBBU report, LBBUS report, LKPBU report, and LHBU report. This regulatory report is converted into an Antasena report to improve efficiency and decrease errors, while adhering to the regulator's current regulations.

Antasena Nawadata feature has an advantage over others since it adheres to the principles of efficiency, consistency, clarity, adaptability, and collaboration, with the ability to process 1,000,000 data reports in less than 1 minute. By obliterating data redundancy and rectifying inconsistencies, this regulatory reporting system endows banks with a panoply of comprehensive reporting tools, fortified by impregnable security features and wieldy output options, thereby facilitating a seamless fusion of efficient data management and stringent regulatory compliance.

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