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Employment Type

Position Level

Database Administrator

- Menguasai  ms sql, sql cluster, sql replication/ha, tuning query, function/store procedure
- Pengalaman : Minimum 2 tahun sebagai DBA


Product Owner

Technical skills:

  • Strong project management skills, preferably certified scrum agile product owner certification or equivalent.
  • Strong business analysis (functional) skills, familiarity with Google Sheet and Google Slide.
  • Good understanding pf Cloud and Advanced Data Analytics, Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform and Google BigQuery, DataFlow, dan Google App Engine. Obtain Google Cloud Skill badge and certification.
  • Strong Communication and stakeholder management skills.
  • Entrepreneurial, strong business acumen, customer focused, team and result-oriented.

Fullstack Developer

Software Architect:

  • Design software architecture ie, front end, back end, methodology, standardization, library, documentation
  • Software capacity planning
  • Design pattern architecture ie. Layered architecture, event driven architecture, micro kernel architecture, microservices architecture, space-based architecture
  • Lead software development team


Software Engineering:

  • Assisting with building and maintaining the [IoT Platform/SMB iChannel (Advisory & Marketplace)/Data Monetization] (Full Stack); implementing product customizations and building quick turn-around projects for end customers, supporting design and troubleshooting efforts.
  • Develop application on top of IoT Platform ie Leverage, Litmus, Looker, Cumolocity, etc


Technology Stewardship:

  • Actively attend Product Planning and Product Review session with the entire agile team to provide feedback on the development of the product and sprint backlog
  • Attend daily standup to update status on product development activity
  • Perform actions on work items on Product/Sprint Backlog. The actions may be related to software design, development, implementation, integration, testing, troubleshooting, documentation and other activities
  • help customer-facing project from time-to-time
  • Responsible for the cybersecurity infrastructure and policy definitions

Onsite in Jakarta with contract based of 6 months (can be extended)


PHP Developer



React Native Developer

  • Berpengalaman sebagai React Native Developer selama 3-5 tahun (dibawah itu dipertimbangkan)
  • Berpengalaman dalam menggunakan React Native dan PHP
  • Berpengalaman dalam menggunakan framework Webforms dan database RESTful APIs
  • Lebih disukai jika memiliki pengalaman dalam menggunakan NodeJS dan React JS
  • Bersedia onsite di Jakarta dan kontrak selama 6 bulan (dapat dipertimbangkan untuk dilanjut

Golang Developer



iOS Developer


  • Work as part of cross functional, passionate agile project teams to ensure guality is driven into the heart of the development process from reguirements definition through to delivery.
  • As a mobile Developer on our team, you will primarily create native android apps along with multi-platform apps using Google's Flutter development framework.
  • Continuously champion high guality software engineering practices - from planning, implementation, test automation, documentation, code reviews, scaling, performance, metrics, logging, and monitoring - essentially the entire software development lifecycle.
  • Placement onsite in Jakarta with contract based of 6 months (can be extended)

Project Support

  • Melakukan tinjauan dan memberikan umpan balik atas pelaksanaan pekerjaan teknis dalam kegiatan operasional
  • Mengelola project dalam batas waktu dan budget yang telah ditentukan
  • Planning, monitoring & executing project
  • Melakukan eskalasi dan menyampaikan laporan perkembangan kegiatan operasional secara berkala atau berdasarkan permintaan dari Project Manager di Treasury
  • Menyiapkan kelengkapan dokumen operasional sesuai kebijakan dan prosedur yang berlaku

UI UX Designer

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct testing of sample applications, websites and software to Assess user experience and ease of design:
    • Collaborate with the product team to balance customer needs, business constraints, and technological realities also seek a deep appreciation of our problem/goals through usability tests
    • Testing UI elements such as CTAs, banners, page layouts, page designs, page flows, and target links for landing page
  • Use recent studies and findings to establish the best overall design elements to include in UX design experiences
  • Build storyboards to conceptualize designs to accurately convey project plans to clients and senior management
  • Good understanding on UX methodology ie. design thinking, design sprint, etc
  • Create surveys for research through various media platforms to gather feedback on user's ease of use and satisfaction interfacing on company websites and products
  • Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a website or product, from the layout menus and drop-down options to colors and fonts allowing for interface edits as needed
  • Analyze customer responses and website data to examine high traffic web pages and determine why certain webpages perform better
  • Enhance user experience by creating seamless navigation through various digital programs and interfaces within the company
  • Combine interface design concepts with digital design and establish milestones to encourage cooperation and teamwork

Node JS

  • Working with product manager and designer to develop app project.
  • You will be responsible for building, improving, or maintaining back-end system.
  • We work in an open environment, everyone is encouraged to speak their mind and ideas to improve the company, products, and themselves.

Angular JS Developer

Experinence Angular 6+, HTML5, CSS3 and builfing cross browser Apps

Extentive Knowledge of web application

Experience RESTful API you applicants

Develop using API using Angular

Integrate API with frontend user web component

Willing to be work on site in Jakarta


Technical Writer

  • Strong understanding on how to write technical documentation from systems development processes.
  • Have experience as a technical writer in system development projects.
  • Good command of writing in English and Indonesian in accordance with the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI).
  • S1 Engineering any majors

Vue JS Developer

  • Building applications using javascript
  • Monitoring and control of the modules

Staff Administrasi/ Admin ERP

· Mengurus segala urusan terkait tata kelola administrasi,

· Menginput data-data yang diperlukan

· Membuat laporan dan pengaturan arsip


React JS Developer

Job Opportunities:

  • Having career experience at reputable company
  • Having good portofolio
  • Working experience in solid team
  • Agile and Dinamic Working Environment

 Job Descriptions:

  • Building applications using javascript
  • Monitoring and control of the modules

IT Application Support

Expert SQL Server atau sudah perpengalaman di Script database
Mengerti beberapa bahasa pemograman
Mampu menganalisa issue dan troubleshooting
Fast Respon
Bersedia lembur
Tidak sedang kuliah


Python Developer




Java Developer

  • Building applications using Java Programming
  • Monitoring and control of the modules

IT Quality Assurance

  • Involved in Product Development cycle from the beginning.
  • To author Test Cases, manage the test case documentation.
  • Convert the test cases into Automated Testing scripts and maintain them.
  • Execute the test cases manually which are not covered yet by the Automated Testing script.
  • To monitor quality status (active bugs) of products feature under development and production.
  • To execute functionality testing and load testing.
  • Avoid critically and minimize major bugs released to the Production environment

Flutter Developer

  • Analyze the requirements and propose the best possible solutions.
  • Plan, implement and manage new projects and build mobile applications.
  • Develop APIs for mobile functionality support and better user performance.
  • Provide support during the entire application development process.
  • Collaborate with the team to constantly innovate the design and functionality of apps
  • Troubleshoot and debug apps and handle it over to testers for better performance.
  • Update the apps according to the latest technology trends.
  • Work closely with the product development team that is with other Flutter Developers, Android and Web Developers.
  • Build mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms
  • Write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions.
  • Follow standard coding practices while writing code.

ETL Developer (Talend)

  1. Merancang dan membangun struktur data
  2. Menganalisa dan melakukan proses mapping dari source data ke informasi yang dibutuhkan sesuai dengan kebutuhan user
  3. Merumuskan kebutuhan dan proses validasi data agar informasi yang dihasilkan sesuai dengan kebutuhan
  4. Memastikan aliran data sudah berjalan dalam proses yang efektif dan efisien



Data Engineer

Soft Skill:

• Can work independently in team

• Eager to learn

• Eager to update latest technology

• Not giving up easily

• Strong commitment in completing assignment





IT Business Analyst


Analyze business requirements and prepare project deliverables (BRD, MoM, etc).

Conduct discussion and requirement analysis with the business and implementers.

Bridge communication between business, IT and ALM system implementers.


.Net Developer

Tanggung jawab:

  • Membangun aplikasi berbasis .net dengan menggunakan Bahasa C# / /
  • Monitoring dan kontrol berkala terhadap modul-modul yang sedang di kerjakan.
  • Menyesuaikan aplikasi dengan kebutuhan user.
  • Koordinasi dengan tim IT QA terkait defect yang terdapat pada aplikasi.



React JS Developer (Yogyakarta)

  • Integrate Application with Backend API
  • Creating Frontend based on UI/UX Design
  • Testing application using Automation Testing tools
  • Deploy application using docker
  • Onsite in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Java Developer (Yogyakarta)

  • Building applications using Java Programming
  • Monitoring and control of the modules

.NET Developer (Yogyakarta)

  • Membangun aplikasi berbasis .net dengan menggunakan Bahasa C# /
  • Monitoring dan kontrol berkala terhadap modul-modul yang sedang di kerjakan.
  • Menyesuaikan aplikasi dengan kebutuhan user.
  • Koordinasi dengan tim IT QA terkait defect yang terdapat pada aplikasi.

IT Quality Assurance Automation (Yogyakarta)

  • Memahami dokumen perancangan system baik fungsional maupun teknikal
  • Menerjemahkan dokumen perancangan system ke dalam test script dan dokumen pengujian untuk memastikan kinerja aplikasi
  • Memastikan aplikasi memenuhi standar kualitas yang sudah ditetapkan dalam dokumen perancangan system
  • Mampu berinteraksi dan bekerja sama dengan tim developer untuk peningkatan kualitas aplikasi sesuai kebutuhan user
  • Monitoring dan kontrol berkala terhadap task-task yang sedang di kerjakan